Creator Classes Free Download 2020

Creator Classes Free Download 2020

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Creator Classes Free Download 2020


Creator Classes is a collection of online tutorials from a team of top creators in the creative

social industry. We provide you with unprecedented resources and invaluable tools straight

from your favourite creators all in one place. Our library of classes covers photography, videography, editing, social insights, business know-how and more.

Start your creative career.


Learn from some of the top videographers in the industry how to master advanced techniques including in-camera transitions, cinematic drone videography, gimbal movements, masking, colour grading, VFX, SFX and more. free elearning authoring tools 2020

Creator Classes Free Download


Discover the key aspects to consider when shooting landscapes before bringing your photos to  the next level with advanced Lightroom and Photoshop techniques from the best photographers and digital artists in the game. youtube creator academy graham stephan


Tips on how to grow your social presence and build a loyal community. Plus, business advice on building your portfolio, making connections, developing client relationships and what to include in pitches.

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